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Genetic diversity in asexual reproduction offspring

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It is a common misconception that sex necessarily increase genetic variation. The problem here is simply that you are considering self-fertilization as an example of assexual reproduction, when it's not the case. Only females that have a high level of heterozygosity are capable of parthenogenetic reproduction and there is a strong familial influence on the ability to reproduce parthenogenetically.

Email Required, but never shown. Recombination does not necessarily increase genetic variance in the population. Sign up using Email and Password. It is also hard to know what you mean by "variations" here.


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  • Genetic diversity of offspring is useful in changing or inconsistent environments and may be one reason for the...
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  • Abstract The genetic variation in a partially asexual organism is investigated by .. of how sensitive the establishment of...
  • The beginning gear you emergency to do is to decide...

  • In every type of asexual reproduction, the offspring are usually genetically identical to the parent, so no new genetic variation...

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Vidhi Gupta 1 2. Difficulty in returning to asexuality could reflect developmental or genetic constraints. An alternative explanation for the predominance of sex is that it is difficult for an organism to accomplish asexual reproduction once sexual reproduction has evolved.

Please note that sexual reproduction does not mean dioecy. The above misconception is well explained in the introduction of this talk from S. Maybe you meant hermaphrodite by saying bisexual.

human genetics - Variations in asexual reproduction - Biology Stack Exchange

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  2. Asexual reproduction could offer up to a two-fold fitness advantage over sexual reproduction, yet higher organisms usually reproduce sexually.

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