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Hamas has been upgrading its intelligence efforts to collect sensitive information from phones of IDF soldiers by connecting with them through fake social media profiles,...

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False information on the internet travels faster than the truth, researchers said Thursday. But contrary to popular belief, it is largely people who spread the misinformation, not robots. The report in the journal Science is the largest of its kind to date, and studied some , cascades on Twitter from to To determine whether the news was true or false, researchers relied on six independent fact checking organizations.

Researchers say fake stories spread faster because of the "novelty hypothesis," which suggests people share these stories because they are more surprising than real news. Falsehoods commonly inspired replies on Twitter expressing surprise, fear and disgust, said the report.

The study also found that the amount of false news on Twitter is increasing, and tends to spike during major events like the US presidential elections of and In fact, those who spread false news "had significantly fewer followers, followed significantly fewer people, were significantly less active on Twitter, were 'verified' significantly less often and had been on Twitter for significantly less time," said the study.

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I24news online dating


The Spin Room Panel: Israel Complains as BBC Ignores Gaza Rocket Fire - Free Dating Chat

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  1. how can you say that 68 of rapes aren't reported if they're not reported. what did you do pull that number out of your ass!

  2. An Israeli cyber security firm warned about the fake application designed to mimic those that notify users of rocket warnings issued by the Israel Defense Forces IDF in a specific region, to alert them to take cover by finding the closest appropriate protective shelter.

  3. on the other hand, i would love to practice personal/familial nudity with Laci here. haha, i kid. kinda.

  4. Amid scrutiny over its failure to prevent Russian-linked accounts from using its platform to meddle in the presidential elections, Facebook reportedly hired a Republican research firm that sought to discredit criticism of the company by linking it to Jewish billionaire George Soros.

  5. I mean men are built differently than women but that doesn't mean a woman can't be a soldier, not without some training.

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