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Intimidating face memes

How can I register to vote? Can I pre-register to vote if I am under You can see the fear and intimidation...

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  • Intimidating Puppy | Does This Look Like The Face of Mercy? | Know Your...
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  • I'm sorry my resting bitch face is intimidating. I'm actually super #quotes Resting Bith Face, Bitchy Resting Face, Haha Funny,...

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Irena Audila: I actually like your channel.subbed!

Ajkuna Mesiti: So true about soap operas xD

Manutallu: Hey! Can you do one for maybe a southern Americans? I would like to see y'all spin on us here from the outside world (our culture is different than the typical Americans that's why I asked).

Mrsmarch9: Interesting how in videos featuring traditional countries there will always be butthurt comments about how people should respect their culture!1! but in videos about countries that are naturally liberated those same people love to insult these cultures. lol. Hypocrites.

NlCK0 Roblox: I dunno man, this is of course very generalized. I'm German and dated German guys that weren't exactly like that. And as someone with social anxiety it is practically impossible for to me to make the first move.

Chloe Bell: You've got an accurate perspective of the English personality.

Joa Haapea: Why the fuck did they show a White man represent Brazilian. Does Neymar look fucking white to you?

Andreas_OTSS: Ok i think this is the turkish guy again I LOST MY SHIT LOL

Jul1010: Getting really drunk when it does not suit the context of our date.


Daria Podenok: Nice video! But I won't leave my nuts as she asks me to do (16 LOL

Triangle: You NEED to make one about dating a Bosnian girl or man it would amazing, and super funny to watch. Balkan culture is so interesting coming from a balakan person haha

Elizabeth.S: I am french and I thought the french one was russian.

Carpediem: I want a Russian man because the are gentlmans and are much manlier than Americans for example.

Mahim Aaryan: Lovely personality for a girl actually

Philip Dyer: Move to Brazil

BananEko: All true, arent they the best

Misty N.: Also: at the end, you've got the sexy dancing in the pool down pat. ;)

25+ Best Intimidation Memes | Johns Memes, Gains Memes

They are a brobdingnagian magnetism in behalf of players, whether shabby or up to date players.

This one is mostly for the guys out there-tricky situation?


When People Think You’re Intimidating - Dating Site With Free Messaging

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Intimidating face memes

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