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De que trata el periquillo sarniento yahoo dating

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Mimmy Z: Spanish woman Not Spanish

Andrey Zenkow: The accent is a pretty big giveaway

MrWakaboy101: It seems like Irish girls aren't best fit!

CREx Official: I think argentina is the sexiest accent ever.

Victoria Wade: PLEASE more videos-How its like dating a Russian Woman! :D I love it.because I'm Russian myself and it's funny to watch and see other people's reactions

Yeop Azman: They have similarity to Polish women. I'll bet if they say Yes that means Yes Yes and no's means No No. But if you are good at affection the No No can means Dah dah DAH DAAHHH!

PlayagameLP: And, what is this bull he's talking about? No idea. Maybe 'cos I'm kinda Russian Oo

CherryGloomy: Umm this video is HIGHLY inaccurate. French people speak Arabic.

U Kno Nothing: Umm.that guy is handsome as fuck

J Shysterr: Yes but how about yhe french canadian mens and womans?

Matilde GS: Change this serbian girl wtf

Goro Matti: All the best! xoxo

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De que trata el periquillo sarniento yahoo dating Sumata

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Nick P.: That wasnt even Polish, it wasnt Polish accent. it was TERRIBLE

Weber Duda: You didn't have any African languages?

Poliana Dimb: I think it's the vocab that sets them apart, too bad my french vocab SUCKS

Ingrid Brito: The lay out of this video was very confusing

Maria Papa: Polish accent wasn't accurate, like at all

MusicAddict: Dating a peruvian girl please!

Malik Shakur: The 3rd one was a freek

Ginevra R.P.: Russian is most beautiful. I don't understand why people like french so much, I didn't even get that it actually was french here.



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